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Applied arts reloaded, the return of the "applied arts" no longer conceived as "minor arts". In the year of the celebration of the European cultural heritage, Dadaprojects & Fenster Laboratori, will present the creativity of 4 local artists with their artworks, specially designed for the exhibition. During the event the artists will share with the public, the different creative processes. Davide Alaimo and Marco Solari, will tell us about, the discovery of the Piazza Scalcerle fountain in Thiene, designed by the architect Tomaso Buzzi and exhibited at the TRIENNALE di MONZA in 1930.

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Dadaprojects strongly believe in social integration through the arts in all their forms. Working to make art accessible to all, supporting associations and schools with educational campaigns and projects dedicated to students of all ages, adults, and people with disabilities in collaboration with International Artists.

“The language of art is one of the universal instruments to maintain dialogue and exchanges between different cultures."Stefania Dal Ferro

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13 March 2018

LA FONTANA RITROVATA from the TRIENNALE of MONZA of 1930 to Thiene

    A few years ago, Davide Alaimo, a Turin architect and historian of applied arts, recognized in the piazza Scarcerle a fountain designed by the […]
8 March 2018

TOMASO BUZZI – the prince of architects

TOMASO BUZZI – The prince of architects       The work of the architect, artist and designer Tomaso Buzzi (Sondrio 1900 – Rapallo 1981) is […]

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