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Dadaprojects strongly believe in social integration through the arts in all their forms. Working to make art accessible to all, supporting associations and schools with educational campaigns and projects dedicated to students of all ages, adults, and people with disabilities in collaboration with International Artists.

“The language of art is one of the universal instruments to maintain dialogue and exchanges between different cultures."Stefania Dal Ferro

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Anima Mundi

from 22.09.17 to 01.10.17

Through exhibitions, workshops, open discussions, where the public come into close contact with artists, Anima Mundi showcases a vast range of new ideas. It encourages exchange of knowledge, the use of experimental processes, cultivates notions of ‘difference’, recognises...

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28 June 2017

INCLUSIVE CURATION Anima Mundi reverses the current approach to curation, returning to the origin of its Latin meaning, “curare, to take care”. By taking the emphasis […]
20 June 2017

We are proud to announce our collaboration with the Villa Fabris Foundation. The beautiful seventeeth century Villa Fabris Foundation is located in the heart of  the […]

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