Who we are

Dadaprojects is a no-profit organization, established in Brighton in 2010 from an idea of Stefania Dal Ferro.

The lively artistic community of the city has been the source of inspiration for Stefania, who decided to support artists and to promote social and cultural integration through the language of Art.

What we do

Events, festivals and exhibitions outside the conventional confines of the art scene. We unite different nationalities to gain experience with the public by creating opportunities for discussion and analysis of the various uniqueness that surround us. Programs of our events, include:art exhibitions, workshops, meetings and lectures involving public, artists, teachers and experts in specific topics.

Stefania Dal Ferro

She aims to redefine artistic justice through her projects and to make sure that creative people have a way to promote their work outside the conventional confines of the art scene. She aims to find new and innovative ways for artists to develop relationships with each other. Stefania believes that art is a basic human right.

She believes in the strength of artistic union and social integration through the Arts; by using art as a common language she is combating elitism and making art available to everybody.

Founder and Director



Passionately curious about cultures and languages, she moved to London aged 17 and worked for the fashion industry both in England and Italy. Monica’s directions changed to engage in cultural activities and workshops for children, after becoming a mother. In 2013 she started a collaboration with Dadaprojects which led her to work with many artists. For Dadaprojects, she deals with the development of multi-disciplinary and international projects with a particular focus on activities that involve the public and local institutions.

Project Consultant